Showing Vacant or Temporary Positions in the Organization Chart

TeamOrgChart can show vacant or temporary positions on your organization chart.  These can be added even if you are using the User Profile Service or Azure Active Directory as the data source of the chart.

Positions can be have an expiry date, after which they are no longer shown, and staff can express an interest in the vacant positions by simply clicking on a link shown in the positions box.

Creating Vacant Positions

Create vacant position on org chart

To add vacant or temporary positions to the organization chart click the Create link in the Org Charts I Can Change table.

Choose where to store the positions

Vacant or temporary positions can be stored in either;

  • TeamOrgChart - position information is stored within the TeamOrgChart database.
  • SharePoint List - position information is stored within a SharePoint list within your SharePoint tenant.


Adding the first position

After choosing the location to hold the positions you are taken to the Manage Vacant Positions page.  From here you can view, edit and remove any existing vacant positions.  Clicking the Add vacant positions link takes you to the organization chart.  The chart will be in edit mode.

Navigate the chart using either the navigation arrows or the search dialog box until you locate the place where you wish to add the vacant position. 

Next press the green "Add" button to show the Add vacant position window.

Completing the position details

You can now fill in the position details.

A position can have an expiry date.  Once this date has been passed the position is no longer shown on the organization chart.  

Vacant positions differ from temporary positions by providing a Register Interest link within the positions box.

Pressing the link records the email and date of the person who registered an interest. This information can only be viewed by the chart administrators.


Viewing the new position

After completing the information and pressing Add the position is shown on the organization chart.

Building the Chart

You can now navigate to the next location in the organization chart where you wish to add a vacant or temporary position to and repeat the process.

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