Latest Changes and Features

Here is a brief summary of the recent changes and enhancements to TeamOrgChart.

The TeamOrgChart team welcomes any feedback or suggestions on future improvements or enhancements. If you have any suggestions you would like to see incorporated into the product then email us

Manual Chart Editing

Edit And Org Chart

"Edit" mode for manual charts has been extended to allows quick creation of org charts.  Click to add extra chart boxes, drag and drop to re-organise the chart.


Team Map View - Visualize the Locations of Teams

Team Map View

TeamOrgChart adds a MapView that allows you to effectively visualize the geographic locations of teams within your organization.


MapView is great for displaying the locations of your operations and gives staff a fantastic overview of the organization.


Vacant and Temporary Position Support

TeamOrgChart now allows you to define temporary or vacant positions.  These can easily be added to your existing organization charts.  See this guide for more details.

Exporting the Org Chart to Excel

Export Org Chart to Excel

End-Users can now export the visible portion of the organization chart to Excel from the main view screen.


Conditional Formatting

Chart Admins can now create conditional formatting rules from the main View Chart page.  This simplifies the process of adding and changing rules.

Displaying Assistants

Assistants can now be displayed on charts drawn from a SharePoint list, the SharePoint User Profile service, manually entered or from a database.

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