Copying an Organization Chart

It can be useful to copy an organization chart to allow you to make changes and experiment with different configurations.  TeamOrgChart makes it simple to copy a chart.

Access the Copy Chart Feature

Copy A Chart

To copy a chart click the Copy Chart link on the appropriate chart definition in the Org Charts I Can Change table.  This will take you to the copy chart page.

Select the Destination of the Copied Data

The first stage in copying a chart is to determine where the copied chart data will be stored.

Three options are available.

  • Copy chart and it's data - This will copy the chart settings and create a new Manual Data Source, storing the chart data within TeamOrgChart's databases.
  • Copy to SharePoint List - This will copy the chart settings and create a new SharePoint List Source, storing the chart data on the "App Web" within your SharePoint Online site.
  • Copy chart settings only - This will copy the chart settings and share the data with the existing chart.

Mapping the Columns To Copy

Map columns to copy

After selecting the destination for the chart data you will be prompted to choose the columns of data that you wish to copy.  Once the columns have been chosen Save Changes will copy the chart and data.  

Depending on the size of the organization chart to be copied the action of copying the data may take several minutes to complete.

The Completed Copy

The staff directory The data in a list

Once the copy process has finished the Staff Directory view will be displayed and the chart viewed.   If you have opted to copy the data to a SharePoint list then the list can be accessed from the chart page.



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