Configuring the Map View

The TeamOrgChart Map View allows you to plot team locations on a zoomable map.    

Map View is great for displaying the locations of company operations and operating sites and provides staff with a fantastic overview of the organization.  This is especially valuable for globally distributed teams.

Getting Started with MapView

The list with the office names.

The Map View feature of TeamOrgChart displays the number of staff at each location within your organization.  Configuring the Map View is done by the chart admins.   

To be able to calculate the staff numbers at locations TeamOrgChart must map a location within your chart data source ( for example an office name, city or even a country ) to a real world location.

In this example we map an organization who are based at three locations: 

  • Chicago 
  • New York 
  • Boston ( in the United Kingdom, not the USA ).

The administrator has created the organization chart from a SharePoint List and the list contains an Office column that indicates where the staff members are based.   The Office column contains the values, Chicago,New York or Boston.

Configuring the View

Not configured Map View

When the Map View is first accessed a map of the US is displayed.  

Initially there are no locations displayed so the chart admin must complete the configuration by clicking the Configure option at the top of the map.

 This option is only visible to people in the Chart Admin role.

Selecting the Columns to Map

Choose a column to map

On entering the configuration screen the chart admin accesses the Columns tab in order to tell TeamOrgChart which columns within the org chart data hold location information.

Multiple columns can be mapped but in this example the admin simply selects the Office column from the drop down list.

Viewing the Mapped Locations

The locations mapped.

After completing and saving the column mappings the chart admin views the Locations tab.

This now shows the three locations contained within the data source ( Chicago, New York and Boston, UK ), the real-world location that this has been mapped onto and the number of people at the location.

TeamOrgChart will attempt to guess the correct location, but as can seen in this example, Boston has been mapped to Boston, Massachusetts rather than Boston in the United Kingdom.

Changing the Mapped Locations

Change location

Changing the mapped location is a simple process.  The chart admin simply

  • Clicks on the location that they wish to change.
  • Enter the full or partial name of the location into the search box ( for example, Boston, UK )
  • Searches and then selects the desired location from the results.


Finishing the Configuration

Completed Map

Once all the locations have been mapped the configuration is complete.



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