Comparing Organization Charts

TeamOrgChart can compare organization charts and produce a report showing who has joined, left or moved within the organization.

Planning a Reorganization

In this example Roland wishes to re-organize his team and uses TeamOrgChart to help in that process.

Creating a Copy of the Original Chart

To begin he uses the Copy function in the chart menu bar to make a copy of the current organization structure.  

This is named Proposed New Structure.

Making Changes to the Copy

He then places the new chart in Edit mode and modifies the chart by adding new positions, removing some old positions and moving some of the remaining positions within the team.

Selecting a Chart to Compare

Once he has completed his changes to his proposed chart he returns to the home page and then selects the Compare function for the original, current organization chart.

Comparing the Chart

He then selects Proposed New Structure from the list of charts so that he can generate the report.

Viewing the Output

The report lists who has joined, moved and left the organization charts.

Quick links on the report page allow the end user to go straight to the relevant people in both charts.

He can also print the report to PDF for use in planning meetings and so on.

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