TeamOrgChart for Intranet Examples

Team​OrgChart for Intranet is packed with features.   Here is a few of them.

Easy to Use

Org Charts with TeamOrgChart for Intranet

TeamOrgChart for Intranet's drawing algorithms produce good looking, well presented org charts that make full use of the screen space available.

The application is easy to use and you can quickly create, search, navigate and print your organisation charts.

Charts can contain assistants or secretaries and TeamOrgChart for Intranet can also represented dotted reporting lines.


Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting Rules

It's easy to create Conditional Formatting rules to highlight role types, seniority and much more.



Print to PDF

Print the org chart to a PDF document.

Create Charts from Many Data Sources

Create your chart directly from

  • Active Directory (AD).
  • from a database. 
  • CSV or Excel file.  
  • Or even enter the information manually.

Charts created from AD, SQL database or a file are automatically kept up to date.  Ensuring your organisation chart is as accurate as possible.

Vacant and Temporary Postions

TeamOrgChart for Intranet allows you to add temporary or vacant positions into your org chart with ease.

And it can even report who is interested in a vacant position to help your hiring process. 

Copy, Edit and Compare Org Charts

With TeamOrgChart for Intranet you can make a copy your organisation chart, edit it the chart and then produce a comparision report showing you the diffferences between the restructured organisation.


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