Configuring SharePoint Online / Office 365 Integration

Setting Up TeamOrgChart for Intranet with SharePoint Online

TeamOrgChart for Intranet can be integrated with your SharePoint Online or Office 365 tenancy.  Prior to completing this guide TeamOrgChart for Intranet must be installed onto a server and be available over HTTPS.


Register TeamOrgChart using Appregnew

AppRegNew form

To begin the configuration process access  appregnew.aspx on your SharePoint Online tenancy.  

Complete the form as follows.

  • Client ID - press the "Generate" button to create a new ID.
  • Client Secret - press the "Generate" button to create a new secret.
  • Title - enter a title to allow your users to identify the application, for example "TeamOrgChart"
  • App Domain - this is the URL to the TeamOrgChart for Intranet installation.  For example
  • Redirect Url - this should be the URL to TeamOrgChart for Intranet begining with HTTPS:// 

Make a note of the Client ID and secret as these are required in subsequent steps.

Generate the App Package

Generate the TeamOrgChart app package

The next step is to generate the "Add-In" package for installation onto the SharePoint Online site.

To do this access the page /intranet/generateappfile on your TeamOrgChart for Intranet installation.  For example:

Complete the form as follows:

  • Client ID - set this to the Client ID generated in step 1.
  • URL - this must be the URL including HTTPS to the TeamOrgChart for Intranet installation.  This is the same URL as the Redirect Url specified in step 1.

Finally press the "Download the App Package button to generate the add-in.


Modify Web.config

Updating the web.config

Next modify the web.config of the TeamOrgChart for Intranet installation.

Set the following keys contained in the appSettings configuration section:

  • ClientID - this must be set to the client ID generated in step 1.
  • ClientSecret - this must be set to the secret generated in step 1.
  • CertificateSerialNumber - Ensure this is blank or commented out.


Install the App onto SharePoint.

Access The App Catalogue

Finally use the SharePoint Online App Catalogue to deploy the App package to your SharePoint Online tenancy.

Once the package has been loaded into the catalogue it can be deployed onto your site collections and made available to your end users.



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